Wedding Roles and Responsibilities.

The bride and the groom have their clearly defined part in the story. They are the ones to coordinate all the tasks such as choosing a date, a venue, clothes, flowers, invites, rings, photographer and above all setting a budget. But what about the other wedding roles and responsibilities? Bride and Groom Usually, the bride and the groom have separate tasks. For example, the bride makes sure her parents have a list of their guests, … Read more

The Swiss Army Knife of Weddings: My Maid of Honor Emergency Kit

Ever catch the sleeve of your blazer on a door jamb? Has it ever rained, destroying your perfectly coiffed hair, and all you wished you had was a hair tie to pull it back?  Remember that time you spilled more of the coffee on your shirt than you drank?  Your wedding day is not immune to the tricks that fate pulls on us every day. However, while you might not lose your mind over a … Read more

Not a Party for the Wedding Party


If you are looking for the most fun you’ve never wanted to have, look no further than being a bridesmaid.

Not that I have any experience in this department. But from what I see regarding roles and responsibilities, it doesn’t seem to be much of a picnic. If you really want to punish someone, just ask them to be your maid of honor. This poor individual has the distinct pleasure of planning every little detail of your bridal shower, organizing the bachelorette party, coordinating with the rest of the bridal party, giving honest feedback for every dress you try on, managing an impossible mother of the bride, addressing invitations, and probably more I’m not yet aware of.

Your members of the wedding party have taken on a part time job that comes with no salary. Their lives can become just as much entangled in wedding planning as much as the bride’s and groom’s lives are.

Fiance and I considered not having a wedding party. We simply like our friends too much for that. We also considered hiring our wedding party by accepting resumes and curriculum vitae through our website.

But there’s also something very compelling about having your closest friends at your side when you make a life changing commitment such as marriage.

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Choosing bridesmaids dresses

I’d like to allow my attendants to choose any dress they want, as long as the dresses are all the same length and color. Are there any drawbacks or things to consider? I want to make sure they all enjoy and look good in the dresses they’ll wear (and have to pay for!). Having bridesmaids coordinate, rather than match exactly, is one of today’s most important wedding trends. As you’ve noted, letting the attendants choose … Read more