Questions to ask your wedding caterer

The food is one of the few aspects of your wedding that you’ll spend more money on than anything else. Subsequently, you’ll want to make sure you work with a first-rate catering service to provide a spread that’s as memorable as you and your sweetheart on the big day. Here are the top ten questions to ask prospective catering firms before you sign the dotted line. ◾Can the caterer schedule a tasting of the specific … Read more

About the grooms cake

For many years the Groom’s cake has served as a type of favor for the guests. It was usually a dark fruitcake which was baked in advance, cut up into small squares, and put into little monogrammed boxes. The boxes were given to the guests to take home. The time, labor and cost in doing this ultimately led to the virtual end to this tradition. Modern Cake Designs Today the Groom’s cake really serves as … Read more

Unique wedding favors

For the wedding party that wants to send their guest off with a wedding favor that reflects their unique taste and appreciation here are some unique alternatives to the traditional faire found on the reception tables. ◾Small terra-cotta pots filled with baby geraniums, miniature roses, violets or paisleys. ◾Small terra-cotta pots filled with candies or chocolates inside a colorful netting tied with a raffia. ◾Small baskets or glass dishes filled with dried and fresh fruits … Read more

Choosing wedding flowers

Before your first meeting with your florist, make a list of every type of flower you love, the color scheme you envision, and every floral need that might arise. Then think about how you’d like to work those floral favorites into your bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, altar flowers and centerpieces. Go with the Pros Even the handiest, most creative bride should hire a florist. Why? Because you don’t want to get stuck arranging centerpieces when you … Read more

Inviting the wedding officiant to the reception

I was wondering…do I send an invitation to the officiant of our wedding? We only met her once, but she is wonderful and we really liked her. I would like to have her come to the reception, or at least let her know that we are thinking about her. Do we ask her over the phone or do we send her an invitation? Traditionally, the officiant is invited to the ceremony and reception in exactly … Read more