Navigating the Bridal Show

weddingplanningIf I have been too quiet over the last week, blame my failure on my efforts to dedicate some time towards making real progress in actually identifying some vendors for my wedding. Last week, I was tipped off by our reception coordinator at the Brew Works that she would be at a bridal show at her local Holiday Inn this past weekend. After doing some research, I learned that the same Holiday Inn would be holding another bridal event just a few days earlier, exhibiting the services of one particular All-In-One wedding planning company that specializes in providing DJs, Photographers, and Videographers. Thinking I could knock out the rest of my wedding planning in one weekend, and score some awesome prizes, I signed up for both events.

Perhaps I had some lofty expectations. I did walk away with tons of information to sift through, and one or two cool freebies. While I continue to peruse the “Bridal Show Special Offers” that were presented to me, I can share a few things I learned for all brides who may be attending their first event in the upcoming weeks.

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Location, location, location

I’m a writer. I like to sit at home with a cup of coffee, put pen to paper, and discourse over whatever has been floating around the old noodle for the last 24 hours. You could say I don’t mind attention – but only when I can receive it from the comfort and safety of my own home office through discussion boards, forums, and blogs. Or from my cat.

The part about the wedding day being all about the bride doesn’t resonate with me very well. I’m a bit chagrined at the thought of one full day where all eyes are turned upon me. Shortly after we got engaged, I’d frequently extol the advantages of a destination wedding to Fiance, selling him on the benefits of a limited guest list, less planning, and a laid-back reception.

Fiance, on the other hand, hates to waste an opportunity for a party.

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Wedding Guest No-Shows

I committed the penultimate social blunder of generally accepted wedding guest etiquette this past weekend. Yes, I was a no-show (which I believe still puts me one guilty step ahead of those who attended but wore white). In my defense, I simply wasn’t feeling good. Death isn’t usually a welcome guest at a wedding, and I believe I may have resembled his little sister on Saturday. The bride probably doesn’t even realize I was actually doing her a … Read more

Trading the Scale for the Veil

I’ve been avoiding this topic, but it’s time to publicly ‘fess up. I’m trapped with the same 22 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for 7 years. Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but at least they saw some PROGRESS along the way… an aqueduct here, a Coliseum there. It seems every aqueduct I build gets destroyed pretty quickly by the Italians (pizza) and the Chinese (sweet and sour chicken). A goal isn’t a … Read more

Save the Date: The Most Popular Wedding Date of 2011 – 9/10/11

September is turning into a very popular month to get married!  The most popular wedding date of the year happens to fall this week — 9/10/11. Bucking the traditional summer wedding, many couples have turned from the traditional to the whimsical nature of the numerical date with fifty-six percent more brides tying the knot on 9/10/11 than on the second most popular date of the year 6/11/11. What’s the big deal with September 10th? September … Read more