Engaged? Yikes – Now What?

Everyone knows about your engagement. Everyone is excited. But no-one is as excited as the two of you. That’s the way it should be – but you also have this enormous “project” ahead of you. Except it’s not a project of course. You are getting ready for this beautiful, glorious day but where do you start? How about stepping right back? Talk with your fiancé about what each of you envision as the perfect wedding. … Read more

Save That Date!

Big wedding? Small wedding? Either way – save that date! Of course, both the bride and groom want everyone they invite to attend the wedding and put the date aside. Why not do it in a unique way? For many the “Save The Date” invitations will be the first taste of the wedding. Consider making them personal, unique or non-traditional. This will make them fun and excite guests about your big day. Being surrounded by technology and … Read more