Choosing your wedding diamond

If you’re used to shopping for costume jewelry, you’ll find that choosing an engagement ring is much more complicated. You don’t just walk into a store, choose a design you like, plop down a credit card, and call it done-at least, not if you want to be sure you’re getting a good price on the ring. Diamond prices vary hugely by the color and clarity of the diamond. You don’t need the absolute top-of-the-line diamond … Read more

Wedding Photography – Without the Photographer?

All weddings have a photographer. Right? Well, maybe not. An interesting option is to arm all your guests with cameras, tell them to click-like-crazy – and then see what transpires! It’s playing the numbers but, given the high cost of a photographer, it could be an option for the budget-conscious. Check out sites like Camera Renter for ways to streamline the process. Beware though! A good photographer brings a very special set of skills to your … Read more

True Romance – Beach Honeymoons

Dresses. Decorations. Guests. Food. Oh – and the honeymoon. For many couples this is the most important part of the wedding experience. Honeymoons can be arranged anywhere in the world and for many couples this special place would be at a beach location and somewhere warm. While there are many types of honeymoons, the beach honeymoon is perhaps the most romantic of all. Here are some examples of just how beautiful such a honeymoon can … Read more

Flowers – From Predictable to Breathtaking

Flowers: the beautiful little touch that are one of the many things that help create the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Choosing the perfect flowers are one thing, but deciding how to incorporate them into your wedding is another. Many people use the traditional bouquet and consistently use the same flowers throughout the day. But if you’re looking to spice up your wedding and make the flowers an unpredictable surprise you’ve come to the right … Read more

10 Months

To me, that sounds like an appropriate timeline to conduct research for buying a new car, or perhaps to re-learn algebra. June 23, 2012, however, is the date my future husband and I will share our commitment to each other in the presence of our friends and family. Given the challenge at hand, I’d almost prefer taking algebra again. Plenty of time? Piece of cake, you say? Perhaps it might be for the average American … Read more