How to build an everlasting marriage

In order for victory to be achieved, soldiers endure extensive training prior to going into combat. Similarly, in order for a bride and groom to achieve long-term marital success, the two must dedicate time to preparations for their lifetime together. Be it for soldiers or a husband and wife, a plan of action must be … Read more

Ageeing on a honeymoon location

Where to begin? Talk! Talk! Talk! Talk! Finding out what your mate’s expectations are, and matching them with yours, will make honeymoon planning easy. Here are a few basic questions to ask Do we want to get married in the same place we honeymoon? Destination weddings are growing more popular every day. Marrying in a … Read more

Conversations before the wedding

“We can talk about anything.”……”We’re very open with one another.”……”I can tell him (her) anything.”……How many times have we heard ourselves say this to our family and friends about the person we have decided to marry? It is with much regret, however, that couples whose marriages didn’t make it realize they didn’t talk about the … Read more

Responsibilities after the wedding

One of the most controversial and emotionally charged subjects of daily life between two people are the expected responsibilities within the household. Often delegation of responsibilities evolves, sometimes equitably. However, sometimes one of the partners takes on the larger load.