10 Commandments for a Happy Married Life

Being happy is not impossible; especially when you are united with the one you love most, in terms of romantic involvement, of course. However, routine, stress at work, small inconveniences regarding money or where to go on vacation may bring sad moments in virtually any couple‚Äôs life. Indeed, we have learned since the first moments of our lives that love is everything, and it is practically the answer to any question. Unfortunately, most of us … Read more

Honemoons and timeshares

Your wedding might just be the most highly anticipated day of your life. You spend months painstakingly scripting invitations, pouring over color swatches and devouring decadent dessert samples to ensure that everything will be perfect. Some people might say that planning is half the fun, but no one would argue that your honeymoon should be a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the previous months. That’s why honeymoon planning, especially, should be a … Read more

Your future after the wedding

After all that is said and done on that glorious wedding day, the one thing that the two of you share, despite any differences you may have uncovered, is ‘The Future’. Now you have a partner to help you and be assisted by you; to guide you and to follow you; and to enhance your life while you enhance his or her life. The Future is your blank road map, with some general highways and … Read more