The Awkward Bouquet and Garter Issue

This actually happened. My aunt got married to my uncle back in my awkward tween years. My brother, 14 at the time, and I, a girl of but 11, were two of the youngest folks at the reception.  We went with my dad; I wore a hideous-to-me-now purple flowered cotton dress with a mammoth lace … Read more

Tastings: Almost More Fun Than the Actual Wedding

One of the best features of having our wedding at a restaurant we enjoy is that Fiance and I already know our guests are in for some good eats. But how to choose from an endless array of possibilities on the catering menu warranted the need to schedule a tasting with our coordinator, Wendie. Butlered hors d’oeurves, stationary appetizer displays, intermezzos, mouth-watering entrees; after looking through the four page menu of possibilities, I thought to myself “Yes, all of the above.”

Wedding reception tastings are important – and not so easy! Developing our menu for our tasting was an exercise in restraint, and I dreaded the thought of having to make a final decision (a common theme in my wedding planning to date).  I edited three iterations of my e-mail back to Wendie indicating which items had a shot at being on the final menu and should be prepared for our tasting, wrestling with whether or not requesting the filet mignon, crab-stuffed shrimp, crab-stuffed tilapia, and crab-stuffed crab for our tasting would come off as a bit greedy. In continuing with our environmentally-friendly theme, I decided that less would be more and picked items that were locally grown and raised, organic, and within our budget. I thought I had whittled down the list quite nicely, but Wendie gently indicated that I still maybe overdid it just a tad. The size of my eyes vs. that of my stomach often gets me into trouble, which also explains why I have slid backwards on progress towards my weight loss goals, but that’s a topic for another day.

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