Posted August 2, 2015 Kayla Matthews
special considerations
You tried on dozens of dresses before finding the right one. You poured over invitation samples and sealed every envelope with a kiss. You even got a stomach ache from trying all of those delicious cake samples. As brides- and...Read More
Posted June 19, 2015 Kayla Matthews
Things to consider about your wedding invitations
Fast forward 20 years and the print industry has been so long dead that few people actually know what goes on an invitation, let alone the basic etiquette involved. Instead of worrying that Great Aunt Martha is going to be...Read More
Posted May 7, 2015 WedNet
When you live with your significant other, you get to frequently put into practice the cardinal rule of kindergarten: Share. Now, I've been living with my fiance for quite some time and believe I've got the basics down. But if...Read More
Posted April 5, 2015 WedNet
Registry details in the invitation? Many people think it inappropriate to include registry information in the wedding invitation, so if you want to be couth you better hope your mother likes to talk as much as mine does. But somehow...Read More
Posted April 5, 2015 WedNet
When my fiancé and I are engaged, who is responsible for beginning communication between the two families? Traditionally, the responsibility to make "first contact" falls to the groom's family. It is their duty to telephone or write to the bride's...Read More