Safeway is one of the nation’s most successful wine retailers

Safeway is the perfect place to purchase your wedding wines, champagnes, beer and non-alcoholic beverages!

Safeway’s wine and beer experts can help you plan how much you need to purchase for your wedding, but a general rule is that each bottle of champagne will serve 6 and a bottle of wine will serve 4.

Pairing Wine and Food at Your Reception

There are no hard and fast rules for pairing food and wine at your reception, but a good guideline is to pair the aromas and flavors of the food with complementary wines. Think about pairing full-bodied wines with rich foods, and lighter, crisper wines with more delicate dishes.

The wedding wine experts at Safeway will work closely with you to make sure your wine selection is perfect. And they’ll be happy to help you choose your wedding cake and flowers, too.

Please contact your local Safeway for details of their extensive range of wines and beverages, to suit every wedding.