Wedding Roles and Responsibilities

The bride and the groom have their clearly defined part in the story. They are the ones to coordinate all the tasks such as choosing a date, a venue, clothes, flowers, invites, rings, photographer and above all setting a budget. But what about the other wedding roles and responsibilities? Bride and Groom Usually, the bride and the groom have separate tasks. For example, the bride makes sure her parents have a list of their guests, … Read more

The Must- Haves of a Traditional Wedding

As a bride for the first time, you will talk to many people about what you should have with you on the day, what you should do, what you are supposed to do a week before, a month before, or maybe six months in advance. All the information can be gathered in all sorts of lists, checklists and other notes. Even so, sometimes our organization skills are not enough, as we all seem to forget … Read more

Wedding Dress Hot Trends

From simple to extravagant, short to long, and sheer white to palest blue, all oozing sexiness, romance, and so much more! #1: Off-the-Shoulder Necklines This one is among the favorite trends for wedding dresses this season – ultra-feminine and classic. The idea is for the bride to come off as both playful and regal. The fact that the hottest neckline is considered timeless just adds to its appeal. For brides who love the idea of … Read more