WedNet Charitable Giving

A Simple Effort to Give A Little Back

WedNet was created in 1995 and we have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to provide a service to soon-to-be brides and grooms as they approach one of the biggest days of their life. An important part of the spirit of WedNet is our strong desire to give back, as thanks for the tremendous satisfaction our little effort has brought us over the years.

WedNet Giving is very simple. We have regularly contributed a portion of of our profits to worthy causes. There’s nothing complicated about this – we have simply identified an important charitable cause that means a lot to us.

We’ll be very clear here. This is mainly for our benefit! We enjoy this simple opportunity to turn WedNet success into something very tangible (the “giving back” bit). However, we do hope you may be interested in the giving opportunity below. So, we invite you to take a look and consider making a donation. Then we all win! Thank you.

The Brian Williams Memorial Page
Benefiting the American Heart Association

Brian was the inspiration behind WedNet. The father of founder, Mark Williams, Brian and his wife Christine were involved in the wedding business for many years. While Brian passed away in 2003, Christine and Mark continue their involvement with WedNet today – and say thanks by giving to the American Heart Association.

Please consider a donation.