WedNet: Wedding Planning

Wedding Roles and Responsibilities

A wedding party involves a significant effort, and it may be seen by most of us as a project in itself: with strict deadlines, activities, key persons, and responsibilities.

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Tricks for Everlasting Wedding Photos

Beautiful wedding pictures… We all want them! The memories in our souls and the photos in the album are the only timeless pieces remembering us of the incredible moment in our lives. The wedding day is nevertheless one of the most important days in all our existences and, as a matter of fact, we should

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10 Commandments for a Happy Married Life

Being happy is not impossible; especially when you are united with the one you love most, in terms of romantic involvement, of course. However, routine, stress at work, small inconveniences regarding money or where to go on vacation may bring sad moments in virtually any couple’s life. Indeed, we have learned since the first moments

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

“Every act of kindness benefits the giver as well as the receiver”. Katrina Mayer is right. Offering a present is probably one of the greatest moments for both you and your husband. A well planned gift, which shows you are interested in the one next to you, is a beautiful way to define love and

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Wedding rings

All about wedding ring insurance

The many commitments of engagement and wedding rings Buying your engagement and wedding rings can be a pretty scary business. One reason is that they both represent a serious commitment, for taking your relationship to the next level: the life of the married. Another other reason is that they are usually quite expensive pieces of

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Weddings under $5000

Weddings under $5000: a wedding plan for everyone

How to plan a wedding on a small budget We grew up with Walt Disney’s fairy tale weddings so it’s only natural to dream big about our own wedding. But nobody had to worry about a tight wedding budget in the fairy tales. In the real world, many of us are confronted with the desire

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