Though my present may be small, my love goes with it.

A couple weeks ago, I went for coffee with a long-lost friend who reconnected with me through, what else, Facebook.  We enjoyed the time together catching up, gossiping about our classmates.  I told her I started blogging for WedNet, and having switched to the topic of weddings, she launched into a quick and harsh criticism of her cousin’s wedding gift registry.  Blown away, I asked family and friends if this story sounded familiar: The cousin … Read more

Weddings Are A Piece Of Cake! …Or Are They?

Sometimes the best traditions are the ones we make ourselves and the cake is no exception. An old supervisor of mine got married at a picnic area outside of Hershey Park. The town of Hershey is charming and filled with clever nods to the ubiquitous candy bar. Out of all the kitchy touches, my favorite are the Hershey Kiss shaped streetlamps.  The area is permeated with a savory olfactory smackdown of chocolate scented air from the … Read more

Tastings: Almost More Fun Than the Actual Wedding

One of the best features of having our wedding at a restaurant we enjoy is that Fiance and I already know our guests are in for some good eats. But how to choose from an endless array of possibilities on the catering menu warranted the need to schedule a tasting with our coordinator, Wendie. Butlered hors d’oeurves, stationary appetizer displays, intermezzos, mouth-watering entrees; after looking through the four page menu of possibilities, I thought to myself “Yes, all of the above.”

Wedding reception tastings are important – and not so easy! Developing our menu for our tasting was an exercise in restraint, and I dreaded the thought of having to make a final decision (a common theme in my wedding planning to date).  I edited three iterations of my e-mail back to Wendie indicating which items had a shot at being on the final menu and should be prepared for our tasting, wrestling with whether or not requesting the filet mignon, crab-stuffed shrimp, crab-stuffed tilapia, and crab-stuffed crab for our tasting would come off as a bit greedy. In continuing with our environmentally-friendly theme, I decided that less would be more and picked items that were locally grown and raised, organic, and within our budget. I thought I had whittled down the list quite nicely, but Wendie gently indicated that I still maybe overdid it just a tad. The size of my eyes vs. that of my stomach often gets me into trouble, which also explains why I have slid backwards on progress towards my weight loss goals, but that’s a topic for another day.

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The head thinks, the hands labor, but it’s the heart that laughs.

You know that moment in church when your sibling, sitting next to you, makes a funny face that no one else sees and you are trying so hard not to laugh out loud?  It’s church for Heaven’s sake and you don’t want to seem disrespectful, so you just hold it in.  Your hands clench, your body jumps up and down with vibrating breaths trying to keep yourself from having an outburst.  And the more you … Read more