Life is the Flower For Which Love is the Honey

One of my best friends got married to his beautiful, intelligent, charming wife in the early summer of 2001. I arrived a week early to help with all of the preparations since, as his Best Man (well, we chose Simply the Best as my title since I happen to be female) those details fell within my responsibilities.  The couple chose the location to save costs and because it had great meaning to them both; it … Read more

The Tactile Delights of Letterpress Invitations

I worked in colleges and universities directly with hundreds of students for about eleven years. During this time, I met engaged leaders in the residence hall community and was an advisor to clubs and organizations. Because of this wide network of former students, I receive between twenty to thirty wedding invitations every summer. Many are the traditional envelope enveloped in an envelope. The thick packets arrive at my mailbox with careful calligraphy on the return cards, … Read more

The Awkward Bouquet and Garter Issue

This actually happened. My aunt got married to my uncle back in my awkward tween years. My brother, 14 at the time, and I, a girl of but 11, were two of the youngest folks at the reception.  We went with my dad; I wore a hideous-to-me-now purple flowered cotton dress with a mammoth lace collar.  (What was I thinking?!) I wasn’t really into dancing that much yet having only one junior high dance under … Read more