10 Months

To me, that sounds like an appropriate timeline to conduct research for buying a new car, or perhaps to re-learn algebra. June 23, 2012, however, is the date my future husband and I will share our commitment to each other in the presence of our friends and family. Given the challenge at hand, I’d almost prefer taking algebra again. Plenty of time? Piece of cake, you say? Perhaps it might be for the average American … Read more

Giving the Best Man Toast Does Not Mean Making A Groom Roast!

One Spring afternoon, I took my friend as my date to a wedding where I could bring a plus one.  We sat in the middle of the church pew watching the couple say their vows in a traditional Lutheran ceremony.  Hymns were sung, scripture was read, and in general, the wedding ceremony was a no-frills occasion. Not knowing this, my date and I had dressed to the nines for the event and were clearly the … Read more

The Swiss Army Knife of Weddings: My Maid of Honor Emergency Kit

Ever catch the sleeve of your blazer on a door jamb? Has it ever rained, destroying your perfectly coiffed hair, and all you wished you had was a hair tie to pull it back?  Remember that time you spilled more of the coffee on your shirt than you drank?  Your wedding day is not immune to the tricks that fate pulls on us every day. However, while you might not lose your mind over a … Read more

Little Black Dress

I thought I was being a good friend to my bridesmaids and groomsmaids with these simple instructions:

Wear any black dress.

I figured they could pull a dress they already owned, or buy something new that could be used after the wedding. It was the economical, sustainable thing to do.

Then the questions came flying in:

“How long?”

“What fabric?”

“What if we all end up with a slightly different color black?”

I was naïve to think black only comes in one color. It appeared as if I wouldn’t be getting out of making another decision.

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Rehearsal Dinner Winner

Just when I thought I was tying up all of the details for the wedding, I was reminded that Fiance and I still had to coordinate the festivities for the evening prior. The rehearsal dinner is an important, yet slightly sensitive occasion for us; as products of divorced and remarried parents, all four sets of our families have not really had the opportunity to meet. It will be their first and most likely only chance … Read more