A Bride’s Guide to Guides

The other day, I got a surprise in the mail from one of my closest friends. ¬†The packaging from Amazon clued me in that it was something for my reading pleasure. I was almost correct – part book, part wedding planning tool, the Anti-Bride Wedding Planner: Hip Tools and Tips for Getting Hitched was a well-thought out gift. She must have read my original blog post and agreed that I might be behind on the … Read more

Saying Hi to H.I.

Hurricane Irene, that is. As I sit bunkered down in my *new* home, sacrificing my usual morning cup of coffee to help get rid of post-earthquake and pre-hurricane jitters, a thought occurred to me: What if my wedding were happening today? I do not envy the tough decisions those celebrating marriages on the East Coast may have had to make this weekend, such as this Connecticut couple¬†(as I mentioned in a previous post, I have … Read more