Your special wedding cake – from Safeway?

Did you know that your local Safeway has as large a range of creative and beautiful wedding cakes as anyone? With 78 (yes – 78!) types of cakes – round cakes, square cakes, cupcakes and more – and plenty of options to customize, many are surprised at the flexibility. And if you don’t have a Safeway store in your region, other Safeway brands (like Tom Thumb, Randalls and others nationwide) offer a similar range. Check … Read more

The “Burger King” Wedding Reception for Adults Only

I am a firm believer that it’s your wedding, so Have It Your Way.  When you don’t make it about you as a couple, it takes away from the meaning behind this one day.  Case in point, I once attended a wedding in Dahlonega, Georgia (which incidentally is where people usually begin their foray into a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail) several summers ago. The sweaty humid Southern weather was the bane of my hairstyle for … Read more