Modern Cake Designs

Today the Groom’s cake really serves as a way for the Groom to have his own special part of the reception or rehearsal dinner. The cake often hints at some aspect of the Groom’s personality. If the Groom loves to play golf, the cake may resemble a golf bag. If the Groom is a race car driver, the cake may resemble a race car. If the Groom loves Michael Jordan, the cake may resemble his basketball jersey… I think you get the picture.

Who Orders?

The bride usually orders the Groom’s cake from the same baker who is providing the wedding cake. Unless the Groom was in on the original decision, the Bride usually keeps the design of the cake a secret until the wedding day. Some grooms prefer to order the Groom’s cake themselves, keeping it a secret from the Bride. Either way, the Groom’s cake can be a fun part of the wedding celebration.

When Do We Display The Cake?

Some couples choose to serve the Groom’s cake at the rehearsal dinner as a dessert because it is often a “less serious” cake than the wedding cake. Other couples choose to display both the wedding cake and the Groom’s cake at the wedding, allowing the Groom’s cake to serve as another dessert option. Either way, both are acceptable.

Article By: Pat Jacoby