Hair ideas for your wedding day

With so many things to worry about on the wedding day, you are looking for help with your hair. Whether long, short or somewhere in between, some simple and effective ideas to do your do!

Long Hair

Do you wear your long hair pulled back most of the time? An updo would be just the style for you! Incorporate a detail from your gown into your hair design. Details such as braiding or twisting of fabric can be duplicated into the hairstyle. Look to the texture of the dress. A soft wispy hairstyle complements a soft flowing gown. A smooth gown of reflective fabric such as silk or satin is complemented by a smooth, shiny hairstyle of knots or rolls.

Do you wear your long hair down most of the time? Then try wearing some of it up away from your face, leaving the rest to cascade around your shoulders. Many grooms request their beloved keep their hair down. Let this be the first of many compromises! Allow a few tendrils to escape and frame your face, they can be curled or left natural. Having it all down is just too casual for the big day.

Natural curls? Enhance them and work with them; keep your look soft. Straight hair? Don’t expect a set to last all day, wear it up. If the curls are pinned in place there will be less to worry about.

Medium Hair

Just around the shoulders is considered medium length hair. If you don’t have too many layers your options are similar to that of the longhair styles. Medium length can be curled and worn with a sparkly headband or tiara to dress it up. Or simply tuck some hair behind your ears and use one of the very popular decorative hair clips to hold it back. My hair kits show great styling tips for getting medium hair into an updo!

Is your medium hair layered? If your medium hair has some length, the back can go up for an elegant look. Hot rollers are a must for giving the necessary body needed for this look. Give yourself time to experiment.

Think faux! There are great fake hair add on items out there. Put one on your ponytail and go!

Short Hair

Don’t despair there is a lot that can be done! Keep the front of your hair looking like you. Dust off your curling iron and give your hair some fullness in the crown area and back. Today’s “curls” are for creating texture. Many hair products on the market are designed for texturizing the hair, not necessarily for holding it in place.

Don’t touch the curls while they are warm! Once the hair is cooled run your fingers through with some hair wax. Pinch and place the “texture” where you want it! Don’t brush your hair or it will look too pouf-y, frizzy, and (Horror!) dated!! Top your style with a tiara or a few hair clips and you are ready to go!

Really short hair? For a daytime wedding fresh flowers look great in short hair. For an evening wedding slick it back with gel or wax showcasing dramatic earrings and fabulous make-up!

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