8 Things Your Wedding Photographer Won’t Tell You

There’s only one person who gets to experience it all and who wants to give the happy couple not just the perfect pictures for their Instagram or Facebook accounts, but to aim for photography that will ensure your wedding story is captured unbiased, unaltered in any way. things your wedding photographer won’t tell you

Now, they’d go to great lengths to keep it that way even if it means keeping the following secret. Point is, are you willing to do as well? Read on to know 8 things your wedding photographer won’t tell you and know you aren’t making the mistake of your life on your special day!

#1: The Wedding Photographer Is Not Your Wedding Planner

As unlikely as it seems, some clients actually do confuse the roles and regard them as synonymous. They are surprised therefore, when they don’t seem to be impressed with your innovations around the place. If they aren’t going gaga over a gorgeous walkway that cost you an arm and leg to get included or a family heirloom you wore to the event, chances are, they won’t be asking you specifically to pose by it. In fact, chances are they’ve already taken note of the moments and details they think would make for an interesting photo shoot.

Point here is, don’t try and micromanage, but don’t shy of telling them either anything or any instant you’d want featured in your album. Give him the details instead of expecting him to read your mind or have an exceptional insight to offer for your program.

#2: No Two Photographers Have the Same Style; Research First, Then Hire

This one’s quite common too in nearly every instance where professionals have been sought. You don’t need to be a fan to see that each of them has a unique style. Some would opt for the classic look in the pictures they take, others experiment. The equipment they’d have will also be in line with their preference. Capturing different personalities too is an influence here.

Costs and packages are easy temptations when you go about asking and looking up wedding photographers in your area; they are important too especially when you are running on a tight budget. But before you do that, identify the photographer for the kind of photos they take. Instead of random blog pictures, go through the ones they have of real clients and weddings and see whether it’s something you’d want in your album or not.

#3: The Wedding Photographer should be respected

Sure, this is their work and you’re the boss here, but your wedding isn’t the time for you and your guests to insult them in any way. Can you recall, for example, the number of times a wedding photographer’s schedule initially agreed to has been completely ignored? Can you recall, for example, the number of times wedding guests have intruded the shoot to show off their own ‘skills’, the number of times the hosts themselves forgot to inform the caterers that they feed the photographer along with other guests, or reserving seats for them at both the ceremony and reception?

As a polite gesture, this is one of the things your wedding photographer won’t tell you, they’d just bite their tongue and let it pass. But if you remember that only a happy photographer can also be a creative one, you won’t need second reminders to treat him with respect and to think that they too have a life.

#4: Your Photographer Would Rather Avoid Too Many Digital Tricks

I’d want to go with my instincts on this one, which is to trust the photographer when he talks of the lighting, effect and other such photography details. Not only using too much of Photoshop and a variety of software to enhance your pictures going to cost you a good number of money, it’s also going make a picture lose its original touch. These techniques – adjusting the sharpness, contrast, brightness, and color – to fix a picture, are better when done subtly.

So, schedule the ceremony appropriately, particularly if you wish for an outdoor wedding and if you’re thinking of after-the-wedding photo shoot.

#5: Hiring Doesn’t Mean the Photographer will be taking the Pictures

Err, then what’s he going to be doing? Surprised? Bewildered? Only if you’ve not factored in that a majority of photographers these days have a whole group of assistants to begin with. Some work as a team, with the assistants helping the lead photographer for coverage from different angles. Others have them independent covering assignments.

Now it depends on you whether you’re happy to see that the success of your photography isn’t solely dependent on the (un)availability of one photographer only. Or if it’s because of the individual photographers’ services only that you’re hiring them, then do make sure to clarify it at that moment only.

#6: The Wedding Photographer is Not Your Stylist

Come to think of it, this seems to be an extension of #1. Honestly, you aren’t paying them to flatter either. Inspired with Pinterest, which by the way isn’t the real life, don’t ask them to judge the setting, your makeup, the dress frills, etc. At best, you’d only be getting blank stares and at best, you’d be misinterpreting them that something is indeed wrong.

Smile when they appreciate beautiful makeup or proper hair style. Don’t fret when they don’t for a majority of them are going to say so in extreme cases like a makeup smeared all over the face. Now that doesn’t have very high probability now, does it; you get the hint.

#7: Plan on Slowing It Down

If you’re wondering whether you’d be having one or two shots only like your next door neighbor’s daughter’s best friend have of the processional, then you aren’t in on the secret: that’s the most you get if the bridal party goes down the aisle or the couple makes an entrance at reception as if in a race. Add to it dimly lit venues and dance moves way ahead of the photographer and you still think the photographer wouldn’t have informed them first about it.

A nice and easy walk is perfect. Hold that kiss at the altar too if you don’t want the awkward recreations. And with all the craziness going on already, do tell the photographer not just by name but by you or someone pulling them aside with every VIP family member you want a photo with.

#8: Relax, Breathe, and Have Fun

Finally, the last of the things your wedding photographer won’t be telling you is to take a chill pill and not sweat over little things gone wrong, the wedding dress got dirty, a tradition was skipped, or the props were set on fire. They don’t make timeless photos either way; what does it you and your partner alone.

To enable the photographers get the kind you’d look over fondly and your children would love to have in their house, make sure you give them the right aesthetic ingredients. Live the moment and then you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’ve found this bitchy, funny, or totally accurate, you should believe them for these are the 8 things your photographer won’t tell you.

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