Ideas for bridal showers

Bridal showers are an opportunity to bring the Bride’s closest friends and family, as well as bring fiancé’s family, together for a hosted event that should be fun, fanciful and memorable. The shower may be thrown by the Maid of Honor or by anyone close to the bride who loves to throw a party.

It’s been the convention, that showers were a ladies only event. Today hosts may plan a shower that includes couples and men. What is most critical in planning a successful shower is to create a theme for which the guests can choose gifts for the Bride. The party motif can then be planned around the theme. WedNet’s research team has put together some shower ideas with a splash of creativity and dose of imagination.

Love and Romance

The theme “The honeymoon never has to end” should inspire guests to bring gifts that reflect Love and Romance. Invitations could be printed on romantic cards with red lettering.

Shower Setting
Create a romantic motif in the room with candlelight, vases filled with red roses, romantic music. Serve the foods of love such as strawberries and cream, lobster, caviar, and oysters, chocolates and champagne, truffles or any chocolates with fruit.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Scented candles Chocolate truffles
Massage oils Red roses
Satin Sheets Heart shaped boxes with candy
Books on Eroticism / Love
Lingerie / sleepwear
Bubble & aromatherapy bath products
Books of Love Poetry

High Tech

The high tech theme may appeal to the modern professional Bride and her interests. Invitations could be printed on computer paper on even on disk and should suggest a professional motif and gift theme.

Shower Setting
Have a shower in the office, conference room or lobby. Set up a room in a home with a computer or desk for the gifts to be displayed. Serve foods with a high tech feel such as sushi, cold hors d’oeuvres, cheeses, cocktails or cold beer.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Computer software Personalized pen and pencil set
Telephone or answering machines Personalized ceramic coffee mugs or coasters
Desk lamp
Computer accessories
Personalized leather address date book
Date book
Desk accessories
Gifts certificate to computer store

Health and Fitness

For the health-conscious couple a fitness theme can be great fun and inspire great gifts. Invitations could be printed on cards shaped like a tennis shoe, tennis racket or heart.

Shower Setting
A local health club is a perfect place to host this type of shower. Decorating your home with a sports/athletic theme or better yet host this event outdoors in a park or near a favorite outdoor sports area. Set up a juice bar and serve healthy snacks such as raw vegetables, salads, and fruit platters. Bagels and lowfat spreads are a natural. For dessert serve angel food cake with a lemon, cherry or strawberry topping. Frozen yogurt is another favorite among the health conscious.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Juicer or blender Drawstring bags with energy bars
Scale Workout accessories
Handheld weights
Workout outfits
Gift Certificates to Sport stores
Exercise gear
Sport style Walkman Radio

Travel and the Honeymoon

If the couple is enamored by travel and have made their honeymoon plan known, the inspiration for this shower can be quite fun. Send invitations printed on maps of the world, the location of their honeymoon or favorite travel destination. Postcards of their destination site can make for a charming invitation.

Shower Setting

If the couple is planning to travel to England have an English Tea Party; to Italy have a Pasta Party, to Hawaii host a Luau, to Spain host a party with flamenco dancers and paella.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Luggage Keychains with the planet Earth attached
Travel Alarm Clocks Maps with a map holder
Language tapes
Travel Diary
Honeymoon “Love Gifts”

Gourmet and Specialty Beverages

Food for thought and for entertainment is the theme for this shower. Send invitations on recipe cards and ask guest to bring their favorite recipes to the shower for the bride.

Shower Setting
We naturally gravitate to the kitchen, so planning this affair in a large attractive kitchen can be cozy and nourishing. Rent bar stools so that guests can sit up at the kitchen counters. Have blenders out for preparing frozen fruit drinks (with and without alcohol). Have crock pots and chaffing dishes with your favorite gourmet dishes such a cioppino, exotic stews, pasta, seafood dishes served with homemade breads. To compliment the desserts offer gourmet coffee, tea or better yet make espresso and cappuccino drinks.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Espresso machines A coffee mug and Coffee Beans
Coffee brewers (French Press) Gourmet specialty Teas
Gourmet kitchen appliances Tin of Specialty Cookies or Biscotti
Kitchen accessories
Baking sets
Recipe books
Basket filled with gourmet condiments

Bed, Bath and Comfort

With today’s stressful lifestyle a shower that gives the bride the comforts to make her feel pampered, relaxed, and gorgeous make a great theme. Send perfumed invitations with sprigs of lavender letting your guests know that this a pampering party.

Shower Setting
Host this event at a spa or health resort. If at home create a comfortable setting in the backyard with comfortable lawn furniture. Hire a professional masseuse to give your guest 10 minute foot, neck or back massages. Playing soothing music in the background, serve healthy spa like fare such as grilled vegetables and fish, fresh fruits, mineral waters.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Spa certificates Body lotions
Body lotions and oils Bath or massage oil
Body care accessories Specialty soaps
Massage certificates
Comfort music
Manicure sets

Garden & Home Improvements

A particularly fun theme for the bride and guests alike revolves around the outdoor and home improvements motif. Send invitations with a package of gardening seeds or dried flowers inside. Let your guest know to dress casual or in working clothes. If the bride and groom have already selected a home this would be a perfect site for a gardening party where each guest brings a shrub or flowers to plant.

Shower Setting
If the future home the bride is not available any garden would be ideal. Serve platters of fresh vegetables and fruits, cornbread and savory muffins, quiches or frittata, fresh fruit juices and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Gardening tools Terracotta pots with violets or geraniums
Gardening decorations Potted herbs for a herb garden
Outdoor plants, shrubs, trees Flower pot filled with fruit candy
Hand or power tools
Gardening or working gloves
Gardening books
Home improvement books

Victorian Leisure and Romance

This theme is based on a Victorian idea of leisure and romanticism in a garden setting with either a patio or sun room available. Send invitations with a old world Victorian theme asking your guest to dress with a Victorian theme in mind.

Shower Setting
Set up a game of croquet outside, play Victorian music, english tea, scones, cucumber sandwiches, yorkshire pudding, fruit cakes and serve a fine Sherry.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Lace Tablecloths Sachets made with lace and silk ribbons
Antique Accessories Little baskets filled with lavender soaps
Antique Lamps
Lace Lingerie
Old World Perfumes and Soaps

Home Entertainment for the Connoisseur

For the couple who appreciate fine wines, beers, liquors and music and movies plan a coed party where guests are encouraged to bring gifts to stock their cellar and movie and music collection. Send out invitations that have wine or Hollywood or music motifs.

Shower Setting
Set up a wine, beer and liquor tasting table. Serve fine cheese, pate, caviar, with breads and assorted crackers. Offer grapes, sliced apples, cheesecake and chocolates. Play videos of some classic wedding movies such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Father of the Bride, etc….Play classical music in the background. This can be setup in a private home’s entertainment room or a quiet restaurant bar.

Gift Ideas

Party Favors

Movies Custom imprinted wine openers
CD’s Gift certificates to the movie theater
Audio or Video Accessories Custom imprinted wine glasses
Fine Wines
Microbrewery beer collection
Wine Racks
Wine, Liquor or shot Glasses






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