Our Tips and Tricks

We can help you maybe decide which ones are best to try on first.

Made to Order

There are a variety of reasons why a bride would choose to have a dress custom made: she knows what she wants and apparently no one else does, she wants to design it herself or have someone she knows design it, she wants more control over the final outcome of the dress, she wants more flexibility in the construction of it, she appreciates the ability to customize any portion of it, etc. The reasons are endless, and they’re good! If you plan to have your dress made for you, be sure to allow at least six months for the process. Get in touch with the seamstress or designer as soon as possible to avoid last minute time crunches and panic.

If you’re looking for a seamstress or designer, your best source of references is friends and family. Also, be sure to work out a payment policy and schedule up front and get it in writing to ensure that there is no confusion.

Body Type

Finding a dress that you love AND that flatters your body type is a battle and a half. But it’s one worth pursuing, because a dress that looks great on your will make you feel like a million dollars.

This guide will help you determine your body shape, and what features can best flatter what you’ve got.

Triangle – hips are wider than bust and shoulders. The goal: minimize lower body and create the illusion of additional upper body width.

Reverse Triangle – upper body is wider than the lower body. The goal: emphasize lower body width.

Hourglass – larger bust and hips, small waist. The goal: balance.

Rectangle – long and narrow without a strongly defined waistline. Emphasize width and avoid long vertical lines.

Below the Neck

The neckline you choose should flatter your face and body shape. If your shoulders are narrow and you want them to appear wider you will want a wide neckline that will broaden. If you have broad shoulders that you would like to appear narrower then you should select a neckline that is narrow. Here are some guidelines on the best necklines to suit the shape of your face:

Other Figure-Flattering Tricks

If you want to:

Plus Size Considerations

Plus size women look their very best on their wedding day when they find a style of gown that flatters and fits their body type. Look for a style that slims the body. Don’t worry about ordering a particular size. Order by measurements so that the dress doesn’t pull or bind anywhere. When a gown pulls and forms wrinkles, it’s a sign the dress is too tight and it will make you look larger.

Princess seaming will elongate the body and lace placement will pull the eye away from problem areas. If your bustline is an asset, by all means, play it up with a sweetheart or V-neckline. If you have beautiful shoulders, consider an off-the-shoulder gown. If you’ve got a small waistline but large hips, try on some ball gowns with a basque waistline.

A Note About Undergarments

Searching out wedding day lingerie isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. It can make or break how your dress fits you. This day, perhaps more than any other, calls for a properly fitted bra or complete underwear set to reduce unsightly bulges and pinches. And the wedding day is not a good day to first wear this lingerie. As silly as it might feel, wear it around in advance, so you know before the big day whether it feels comfortable and isn’t poking you somewhere.

Oh yeah, and make sure it’s pretty. After the wedding, there’s always the “wedding night!”