Why choose las vegas for a wedding

People get married in Las Vegas for all kinds of reasons. As a matter of fact, over 100,000 couples get married in Vegas each year. So why do people choose a Las Vegas wedding?

Here’s a list of nine of the most popular reasons:

1. For a quick, convenient wedding ceremony – Some people don’t want to have to wait once they’ve decided to take the plunge. Whether it’s the thrill of a new romance or the stork’s impending arrival, time is of the essence. In Vegas you can literally get off the plane, pick up your marriage license and get married, all in the same day.

2. Some couples don’t want a huge wedding with everybody staring at them – These people are either very shy or have a phobia about being in front of large groups of people. You can have a wedding in Vegas with only the couple and a witness if that’s what you prefer.

3. To elope – similar to #1 but usually this means a couple who is young and “running away to get married”.

4. Reduced stress (meaning the bride won’t turn into “Bridezilla”) – Everybody knows that planning all the details that go along with a wedding is a huge process. There are countless details that must be attended to. Some couples think all that work is too much and prefer instead to get married in Vegas where all the details can be arranged with one or two phones calls at the most.

5. It’s unique compared to most marriage ceremonies as you can have any wedding theme you want – Las Vegas is infamous for its one-of-a-kind theme weddings, especially if you want Elvis to serenade you at your wedding.

6. It’s very inexpensive, if cost is an issue – You can get married in Vegas for under $500 and still have a very nice ceremony. Then you can spend all that money you saved and put it towards your honeymoon or a house.

7. You can have your bachelor / bachelorette party, wedding and honeymoon all in the same city – Need I say more?

8. It’s always fun because Vegas is a party city that goes 24/7 – Vegas is one city where you never have to worry about where the party is because wherever and whenever you go, you’re guaranteed a fun time.

9. Only in Vegas can you actually have a “drive thru wedding ceremony” – Drive thru’s are not just for burgers anymore. Some people might think this is a tacky idea but it doesn’t have to be. Some chapels every provide Hummers or vintage cars for you to drive-thru in.

Is a Las Vegas wedding right for you? If any of the reasons above make sense to you, maybe you should consider a Las Vegas wedding.

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