Board games at the wedding reception

Believe it or not…

Yes, you could actually plan your wedding reception around your favorite board game, such as Monopoly, Scrabble or perhaps Trivial Pursuit… or you could set it up so that each guest table features elements of a variety of different games. The choice is yours.

Here are some unique wedding reception ideas based on board games that you might consider and should be fairly easy to set up:

Scrabble Themed Wedding

One of the all-time favorite games is Scrabble. This would make an awesome theme idea for your wedding.

  • Create your own scrabble wedding invitations on the computer to look like the board with your names and date spelled out in tiles.
  • Glue tiles onto heavy cardboard or thin balsa wood, spelling out each of your guest names for seating arrangements and place at each table.
  • For favors, create small letter tile magnets spelling out words like love, faith, hope, play, etc. and place in a small decorated box.
  • Your wedding cake could consist of three or four layers in a dark frosting or marzipan icing, with letter marzipan “tiles” decorating the edge of the cake. Have the “tiles” spell out your names, wedding date, and other words like “marriage”, “love and laughter,” and “wedding bliss.”

Monopoly Wedding Idea

I don’t think there’s anyone who hasn’t played Monopoly at some point in their lives. Here are a few ideas for a Monopoly themed wedding:

  • You can set up your various guest tables to reflect the different properties. One table is Boardwalk (I would suggest the head table for this one), Park Place could be where the parents and other important family members are sitting. Use the more familiar properties for the rest of your guest tables. “Free Parking” can be your gift table and “Community Chest” your food or dessert tables.
  • Buy some Monopoly money and extra board game pieces to use as part of your favors. Fill small boxes with gold coin chocolates and add one of the game pieces. Close the box and place some “money” on top. Tie with gold ribbon.
  • Order a square cake and have it decorated to look like a Monopoly board. Place the bride and groom figurines in “Jail” for great laughs.
  • Give everyone a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, which they have to turn in to have a dance with the bride and/or groom.

Trivial Pursuit Wedding Theme

This unique wedding reception idea would work best for a smaller marriage celebration where you only have 6 guest tables.

  • Each table is set with its own color from the pie pieces of the game. Use coordinating colored seating cards at the door for guests.
  • For entertainment and a great ice-breaker, place the coordinating box of trivia cards on each table. This will definitely keep your guests occupied throughout the evening.
  • For favors, you could create your own miniature trivia books out of heavy cardstock related to the category of the table.
  • Try to match the pie color of the table with coordinating colored flowers, candles or other centerpieces. Use color coordinated napkins too.
  • Instead of clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss, a guest must stand up and correctly answer a trivia question posed by the bride and groom.


These are just a few game ideas that could be used as truly unique wedding reception ideas – certainly something your guests will remember for many years after.

Although I’ve only supplied the three most popular boards games, there are plenty more out there that would work just as well with a little imagination. Some other popular board games are: Risk, Mah Jongg, Backgammon, Battleship, Checkers, Chess, Outburst, and Cranium. So, choose your favorite game and turn it into a great theme wedding! Be unique!






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