Bridal hair accessories

One of the most prominent and noticed details to the overall look of a bride is her hair and the accessories she selects to adorn her hairstyle. Here are some flattering, fun and elegant ideas for that special day. ◾Fake or fresh water pearls twist into a bun, braid or across the crown of the head ◾Baby Breath flowers or dried heather or lilac arranges in a rind around the head or off to one … Read more

Choosing appropriate wedding attire

I am to be in my brother’s wedding and they have decided to have the wedding at 10 a.m. My brother is to wear his dress blues, therefore, making the wedding a more formal affair. My sister-in-law-to-be wants the bridesmaids to wear full-length gloves, died to match our navy blue dresses. Our dresses are sleeveless and can certainly handle such a look, but I, and many people I consult, think this is inappropriate for the … Read more

Dealing with a tattoo on your wedding day

You would be surprised how many brides have questions about concealing tattoos! Apparently the body-art craze of the early 1990s has left many women with “permanent” adornments that don’t quite coordinate with their dream wedding gown. Any make-up that is heavy enough to truly cover a tattoo will look like make-up to people who are near you. However, if your major concern is that the tattoo be invisible to people sitting at a distance from … Read more

Hair ideas for your wedding day

With so many things to worry about on the wedding day, you are looking for help with your hair. Whether long, short or somewhere in between, some simple and effective ideas to do your do! Long Hair Do you wear your long hair pulled back most of the time? An updo would be just the style for you! Incorporate a detail from your gown into your hair design. Details such as braiding or twisting of … Read more

The first time in a tuxedo

I skipped my high school prom, and thus far in my life have managed to completely escape having to wear a tuxedo. With my wedding fast approaching, I don’t think I’ll get out of it this time. Do I rent one or buy one? What about my groomsmen? How do I pick a style? It truly sounds like there’s no escaping a tux for your wedding, if it’s going to be a formal affair. But … Read more