What to eat before your wedding

So you’ve made it! Almost. It’s the day before you’re wedding, but you’re wondering “WHAT DO I EAT??” Well, don’t lose any hair over it (you’re going to need that tomorrow). There are plenty of things to eat that can keep both you and your belly happy for the big day. We’ve also listed some big no-no’s that you’ll need to avoid. Let’s get cooking! Stay away from spicy foods! Plenty of us like our … Read more

Seeing the Wedding Through Rose-Colored Glasses…Or Contacts?

When a former roommate got engaged, she was struggling with some image issues. To everyone, she had a simple grace and beauty that glowed. To her, she was an adult with braces, she just started to get the early gray hairs, and she had only ever worn these thick Coke bottle glasses. That’s all she could see. Her fiance, a dashing man in his early 40s, had the Anderson Cooper looks and the George Clooney … Read more

Wedding Workout Wonders

Wearing a formal dress all day long, in the heat or the cold, then followed by hours of taking photos, then an entire evening of mingling and dancing can wear anyone out.  Often brides are more exhausted than they should be for their first night of wedded bliss.  Bridesmaids also find themselves waking up sore to aches and pains.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t often find ourselves doing the Cha Cha Slide or the Time … Read more

The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God

My grandmother introduced me to the world of Aqua Net when I was a kid.  One morning before church, I was in my grandparents’ bathroom looking for toothpaste.  I was around 8 or 9 and saw this metallic teal spray can nestled amongst the bottles of beauty supplies. I realized it was hairspray, so I thought, “I’m going to make my hair really pretty for church.”  This, of course, is not exactly how the story … Read more

When Did We Stop Wearing Pantyhose?

I lived in Southern California for a few years. The area I lived in was 120 degrees in the summer and a balmy 70 in the winter.  Nothing irritated me more than after my steering wheel melted and just sitting down would us all to sweat, a person who never lived there would say, “But it’s a dry heat!”  As if the fact that green grass never grew in the desert and the fact that … Read more