What to eat before your wedding

So you’ve made it! Almost. It’s the day before you’re wedding, but you’re wondering “WHAT DO I EAT??” Well, don’t lose any hair over it (you’re going to need that tomorrow). There are plenty of things to eat that can keep both you and your belly happy for the big day. We’ve also listed some big no-no’s that you’ll need to avoid. Let’s get cooking!

Stay away from spicy foods! Plenty of us like our spice and it can taste great. But, depending on the food and your tolerance for it, that spicy delight can “stay with you” when you leave the restaurant. In so many ways. And then it might NOT stay with you. You get the picture. Some foods will also makes you sweat – not the best look for your wedding day.

Cruciferous vegetables are great for you in many ways but they can also contribute to excessive bloating if you’re not used to eating them. The veggies that you should avoid include arugula, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and brussel sprouts.

Obviously, alcohol is not recommended because it can make you feel puffy and dehydrated. If this is surprising to you, you probably have a bigger problem on your plate. Be wary of soda too. Anything carbonated can cause unnecessary amounts of gas in your belly. Not good. Coffee can also give you problems but – if you like your regular cup – be careful cutting it out completely because it can mess up your sleeping routine!

On the day, ask your Maid of Honor to have some soda crackers handy, in case you feel the need for a small – but “safe” – snack. In choosing anything you eat on the day, the objective is food which will stabilize your blood sugar and which won’t make you feel bloated. In the morning this might mean (mild) cheese and crackers or maybe a smoothie. In short, nice, simple and easy on the tummy.

And finally, some advice that spans more than your wedding day. Don’t forget the miracle called water. So many benefits – water is essential.

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