Do you really need a wedding rehearsal

Your ceremony is the beginning of the most wonderful day of your life. It sets the tone for the entire day; it is the smile on his face, the lump in his throat, the look that takes his breath away as he sees you coming down the aisle. This is your day, your moment in time, a moment that will forever be cherished and remembered. As important as this day is, many brides neglect to … Read more

Wedding with parents renewal of wedding vows

I’m searching for information on triple weddings. My situation is a unique one. I am planning on being married, my first, my future husband’s second. The twist is that our parents will be renewing their vows on the same day: my parents, 45 years; his parents, 40 years. We will want this to be an extra-special gala event. Do you have any suggestions or information for me? When it comes to positive symbolism, yours has … Read more

Planning an interfaith wedding

An interfaith wedding can be a nightmare to plan. In addition to all the basic tasks that go hand in hand with planning any wedding, interfaith couples must deal with the challenges of coordinating their different religious beliefs and traditions. Still, each year hundreds of interfaith couples find a way to make their weddings work, albeit with added stress. The single biggest hurdle that most engaged interfaith couples face is finding an officiant for their … Read more

A history of wedding bands

Couples all over the world have inherited the long tradition of exchanging wedding bands when they marry or create a union. The wedding band represents a promise made between the couple to remain faithful and loyal for as long as they live. Wedding bands have their history in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians fashioned rings and bracelets from reeds and other plants growing on the Nile River. These items were exchanged between couples and represented never-ending … Read more

Rehearsal dinner tips

The rehearsal dinner is an optional wedding event. Before World War II, it was uncommon, and the “tradition” of having the groom’s parents act as hosts is even more recent. If a groom’s parents wish to skip it entirely, they would be committing no error. Disagreements over the nature of the rehearsal dinner usually center around two topics: how lavish the dinner is, and who is invited. The rehearsal dinner can be as lavish or … Read more