Couples all over the world have inherited the long tradition of exchanging wedding bands when they marry or create a union. The wedding band represents a promise made between the couple to remain faithful and loyal for as long as they live.

Wedding bands have their history in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians fashioned rings and bracelets from reeds and other plants growing on the Nile River. These items were exchanged between couples and represented never-ending love for all eternity.

Today, some couples choose to exchange wedding bands in addition to or in replacement of the more traditional wedding rings. Men and women both can wear a band and you can find them in many styles. If you are a woman who does not wear a lot of jewelry, but would like an elegant piece to display your love and commitment, a band is a wonderful alternative. There are many designs and styles, ranging from the simplest of the plain comfort fit bands to intricately crafted fancy diamond bands. You can get matching wedding bands for the bride and groom as a couple or you each can choose a style that matches you as an individual.

Men started wearing wedding bands after World War II to show their love and commitment to their wives back in the United States. Some of the most popular forms of wedding bands are bands for men, titanium, platinum bands, Celtic, Irish, antique, unique, white gold, yellow gold, wedding band sets, high polish, Milgrain, and satin finished bands. Despite this diversity, many couples want to keep the symbolism of the wedding ring simple, and have simple matching gold bands that they both wear.