Choosing wedding flowers

Before your first meeting with your florist, make a list of every type of flower you love, the color scheme you envision, and every floral need that might arise. Then think about how you’d like to work those floral favorites into your bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, altar flowers and centerpieces.

Go with the Pros

Even the handiest, most creative bride should hire a florist. Why? Because you don’t want to get stuck arranging centerpieces when you should be getting dressed for your big day. A good florist can help you create a stunning look for your wedding, leaving you free to celebrate and enjoy yourself.

Use the Language of Love

Your wedding day should be the most romantic day of your life, so why not speak the language of love through flowers? Most people know that the red rose symbolizes love, passion, and desire, but did you also know that the Calla Lily represents magnificent beauty, Orchids represent ecstasy, and Pansies represent the unspoken thoughts that lovers share? Your florist can help you choose the most spectacular flowers to convey all of your special feelings.

Let History Inspire You

Greek brides carried ivy as a symbol of never-ending love. Queen Victoria carried Orange blossoms as a symbol of happiness and fulfillment. Or maybe your Grandmother carried honeysuckle to symbolize the bonds of love. Looking back-at ancient history or family traditions—is a great way to choose flowers that add beauty and meaning to your special day.

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