Locating a wedding venue

If getting married is the biggest decision in anybody’s life, then choosing the venue for the wedding is the biggest decision you will take during its planning. There are two parts of organizing a wedding location- the wedding ceremony and the reception.

Picking the Location: The traditional wedding ceremony venue is the church, and many people still like the charm of a wedding held in a church; but there is no hard and fast rule to this. Many people plan their wedding around a theme which could require outdoor wedding venues like beach resorts or more luxurious ones held in castles. The important criterion of a wedding venue is that the venue for ceremony and the reception should be close to each other. If you are opting for a civil wedding, then a licensed wedding venue can serve well for both the ceremony as well as the reception.

Sorting the Guest List: Whether you are on a lookout for luxury wedding places or casual venues, the number of guests attending your wedding will determine the type of venue. Before you start looking for venues, it is wise to determine how many people will grace the occasion. The venue capacity thus is a great determinant in picking the wedding venue. You would also like to plan whether the reception will be a seated or a standing affair; a formal meal requires more space while a standing buffet meal can accommodate more people.

The Wedding Venue Theme: You can let your individuality and personal taste reflect in the venue you opt for. You can hold your wedding in the midst of luxury if you like elegant settings; castles, country houses and large mansions allow one to host a stately wedding. Hotels too serve as good wedding venues and can arrange for both traditional as well as ultra-modern look. If you are fond of open spaces, you can opt for outdoor wedding venues. A marquee is a great venue option that provides you to enjoy the most special day of your life among spacious gardens and beautiful landscape. These venues also allow you to have more control over the catering services which you can personalize according to your taste.

Wedding Venue Facilities: There are many considerations to look into when choosing a wedding venue. From its being disabled-friendly to having an efficient and experienced staff, the wedding venue must cater to all your needs. If the wedding is set in the outdoor settings which have a pond or tricky porch steps, you would need to ensure that the venue is set appropriately and is safe for children and the elderly alike.

You should also confirm in advance whether the wedding decorations such as table linen, flowers and place cards are inclusive in the overall charges or not. The lighting of the venue too should be perfect, so that the most precious moments in your life can be captured in all shades of happiness. Thus, whatever is your wedding theme, with a little thought you can find the perfect venue to mark the best day of your life.

For any help on wedding reception venues, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the wedding ceremony venues!

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