As a bride for the first time, you will talk to many people about what you should have with you on the day, what you should do, what you are supposed to do a week before, a month before, or maybe six months in advance. All the information can be gathered in all sorts of lists, checklists and other notes. Even so, sometimes our organization skills are not enough, as we all seem to forget some things.

Though they may seem easier to control and organize, non-traditional weddings are still quite rare and many prefer the tradition and ceremony of the big event. A traditional approach implies, in many circumstances, a structured wedding plan or, if you do not possess such skills or the time, a professional wedding organizer. This magical person and his/her team will basically let you enjoy the moment of your life without the nasty troubles and awful stress that may come throughout the planning.

However, even if you hire an organizer, our advice is to pinpoint certain details for your own benefit, thus letting the organizer know that you remain in full control of your own event.

The list below is not mandatory but is a good reference point, especially when your experience is limited. And, above all, it reflects some basic facts applicable to the majority of the successful traditional weddings.

Top 8 must haves of a traditional wedding

Before starting this, you should know any plan starts with a budget and we strongly recommend having one before you decide how much you want to spend on any specific item or service.

  1. The proper outfit
  1. Venue
  1. Music
  1. Photo and video
  1. Stationery
  1. Flowers
  1. Gifts
  1. Honeymoon

Buzfeed suggests some very interesting and useful tips, We would also like to share with you our top 10 recommendations for a bride to stay beautiful and natural:

  1. have a hairspray: you never know how your hair will look like after a few hours; a little extra hairdressing is always welcomed;
  2. have some hairpins, in case you have long hair;
  3. have some fresh wipes as sweat is something you cannot control; they are also very good when the mascara comes off and you can wipe it a little to refresh your eyes;
  4. have some fashion tapes that will prevent your dress or bra from slipping;
  5. have a nail file in handy: of course, a broken nail is not something to wish for, but it may happen to you or to any of your guests;
  6. have some face powder to prevent your skin from shining as the skin grease and sweat are elements that will certainly hide your beauty and make-up;
  7. have a lipstick to refresh your looks before taking some glamorous photos;
  8. have dental floss with you; it may sound awkward, but believe me it can be a life saver when you have to smile and some food “gently” rests between your teeth;
  9. if possible, have a veil that you can take off your head as soon as you can; in many cases, the veil becomes a burden during the event and it may ruin your hair;
  10. have a needle, some pins and thread because you never know when your dress is caught in a chair or when someone steps on it and tear it.

Planning a wedding is not a simple matter, especially when we deal with a traditional event. We hope our tips and tricks help you through your next steps. Here you can also find a script for a traditional wedding and details about the roles of the bride and bridesmaids.

Have a beautiful wedding day and create a happy life!