The more you do your honeymoon homework, the more romantic – and the more fun – your honeymoon will be.

Here are a few things to do to make your honeymoon turn out as you dreamed it.
Remember, everybody loves a lover. Tell everyone all along the way – your travel agent, airline personnel onboard and on the ground, hotel front desks, etc, etc, that you are on your honeymoon, and keep on telling them as your trip progresses. You will be surprised at the number of smiles and perks that this can bring you.

Room entry check list

Don’t unpack when you enter. Check to see that everything you want is there. Don’t leave anything to chance. Ask the bellboy to wait as you check. If the room is not to your liking, go downstairs, explain that you’re on your honeymoon, and change it.

What to look for:

If everything is OK, move in and call housekeeping and ask for anything you might need

General honeymoon travel tips

How to choose a tour

If you have decided to take a tour for your honeymoon, here are a few things to do

Being a good consumer ensures happy honeymoons!