Engaged? Yikes – Now What?

Everyone knows about your engagement. Everyone is excited. But no-one is as excited as the two of you. That’s the way it should be – but you also have this enormous “project” ahead of you. Except it’s not a project of course. You are getting ready for this beautiful, glorious day but where do you start?

How about stepping right back? Talk with your fiancé about what each of you envision as the perfect wedding. Discuss…

  • Style – formal, semi-formal, casual, specific themes
  • Type of venue – local or destination, church, outdoors, famous landmark, country club or home
  • Size – number of guests, budget
  • Ceremony – long or short, traditional or contemporary, faith-based or civil, family traditions
  • Reception – simple, big blow-out or something in between, sit-down service or buffet, type of food, will alcohol be served, entertainment, dancing, etc.
  • Timing – time of day and possible dates; be prepared with back-up dates in case you need to make adjustments for the venue(s), family or important guests

Share your thoughts with your parents, both his and yours, to flush out any concerns and set expectations up front.






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