Wouldn’t you just love a beach wedding location? Imagine the waves rolling gently on the shore. Imagine that you’re walking on crumbling white sand, in the dress of your dreams, with flowers in your hair. Imagine all friends and family beaming at you, with a tear or two in their eyes.

Imagine standing beside that One person in the world, with the minister in front of you and the open sea beyond.

Romantic, huh? Well, that’s probably why a lot of couples today opt for a beach wedding location. There’s something so simple yet poignant about a beach wedding. And after the ceremony, everyone gets to have loads and loads of fun!

Planning that big, white beach wedding? Here are some tips to make it as easy as walking down the aisle.

1. Plan and make your reservations early
This is crucial, Brides. You need all the time you can get to prepare for the big day. A lot of brides start preparing six months before their wedding. Buy yourself a calendar. Jot down everything you need to find: location, caterer, decorator, flower arrangements, dresses, rings, cake, etc. If you’re not hiring a wedding planner, get your bridesmaids to help you out. Also, it would be good to reserve a date at the beach resort months in advance.

2. Tents
You might be holding the ceremony out in the open, but what about the reception? What if it rains? Consider setting up tents or reserving an indoor place in case the weather decides to bless you with bridal showers. Also, some of your guests might prefer a covered area to lounge, while other dance until morning light.

3. Lighting and Decoration
You won’t need a lot of extra decoration (the beach itself is beautiful enough), but do consider lighting if you intend on partying through the night. Maybe you can string the palm trees with lights and lanterns. Lighting makes everything look more romanti