I am perfectly content to have a wardrobe that consists of Chuck Taylors, Chaco sandals, and simple ballet flats.  (Ok, I won’t lie…I have flip flops for those really lazy days.) With the myriad of comfortable footwear out there, I question the sanity of some who painfully trek through cities and towns in three inch heels.  More than that, I sometimes question the sanity of brides who choose to wear heels with their long bridal gowns when they won’t be seen.

I attended the wedding of a former student in the Old City area of Philadelphia, PA, where the streets are still paved with ancient gray cobblestones and festive fire red bricks.  On this particular fall evening, wet leaves lay slick across the road and it was most definitely sweater weather. As my date and I left the church to head to the reception hotel ballroom not half a mile away, I felt perfectly at ease on the rocky terrain in my brown suede ballet flats. A few minutes later down the road, we saw a bridesmaid and a groomsman rushing to get to their car parked close by.

Apparently, on her way to the garden across the street for photos, the bride twisted her ankle from wedging her pristine white delicate heels into the space between the cobblestones. Her dress was mottled with dirty water splotches from falling on the sodden pavement and she was in serious pain. Her biggest regrets post-wedding? Not bringing flip flops or flats to change into during non-photographic moments and not thinking about the location when choosing her footwear.

I admire the trend of brides shying away from impractical fashion choices and heading towards the lavish idea of comfort. Many designers and bridal showcases are featuring beautiful footwear that is practical, comfortable, and unique in an effort to give brides an alternative to the ankle-twisting stiletto.

Make sure you decide on your footwear before the fitting; if you bring heels to the fitting and then decide to go the practical flats/sneakers/sandals route, your dress hem will be off by a few inches!  I know bride’s want to look beautiful on their wedding day, but please at least bring a comfortable pair of dancing shoes!

*Title quote from Adriana Trigiani, Viola in Reel Life