If the traditional church wedding isn’t your thing, maybe taking a look at some other creative options could make your wedding one to remember. Here are some ideas that you’ve probably never considered.

1 – A Golf Course Even if neither of you have ever touched a golf club, weddings on the lush landscape of a golf course can be a great and beautiful option. Especially contrasting near the big city, a golf course can allow you to be closer to nature, without the drive to get there. Most courses have some sort of package deal that can include photography, the reception or even full catering. For inspiration, see Country Club Receptions.

2 – An Amusement Park Believe it or not, many theme parks actually have wedding options! They are all the better if your family enjoys rides because parks often include tickets. Usually, at smaller parks, the ceremony is before or after the park’s public hours. Larger parks can be more flexible as well as offer different locations around the park.

3 – A Zoo For the animal lover, why not a wedding at the zoo? Most zoo’s have some sort of event area and many have wedding packages. Typically, the animals will be involved! For example, exotic birds might take flight during the ceremony or colorful fish might swim at the center of each table. Always promising to be fun, a zoo wedding can also remind you of the natural bond being formed! Typically, a day pass the park is included for all guests.

4 – A Boat If you live near the water, a nice way to spend your wedding might be on the deck of a boat! There are plenty of companies that offer these sort of options, in most cities. Usually taking place at sunset, a floating ceremony can give your wedding a scene of intimacy not found on dry land. Additionally, if you want to add in the honeymoon, you can plan an entire wedding cruise! Prices vary, but compared to a separate ceremony and honeymoon it can actually save you money! Interested in some more info? Check out Cruise Bride.