Natural favors and wedding flowers

The extra touches that help define your wedding style will be simple and natural, creating a unique atmosphere of green elegance that sets your event apart from all others.

If you’ve opted for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, the natural setting will most likely provide a beautiful backdrop for your event, making the need for additional decoration minimal or even unnecessary. When additional decoration is desired, think simple, and think natural. Use plants – both fresh and dried – and embellishments made of natural materials such as silk or cotton ribbons.

Fresh flowers traditionally provide a colorful accent to wedding decor, but unfortunately the majority of market flowers are imported from parts of the world where heavy pesticide use endangers both the environment and the health of local farm workers. Do your best to purchase local organically grown flowers, and when that is not possible look for online vendors who will ship organic flowers directly to you or your local florist. Silk flowers are a beautiful and reusable option, and may be used in arrangements and decorations as well as bouquets and boutonnieres. After the wedding, keep some to decorate your new home, or give them to friends or charity organizations.

Wedding favors are a special gift to those you love, serving as a thank-you for attending as well as a reminder of your festivities.

Here are some earth friendly suggestions for wedding favors:
◾Plantable favors – wild flowers will grow from plantable cards or favor boxes.
◾Tree-in-a-box or saplings, guests can plant a tree to offset the carbon emissions that your wedding travel creates.
◾Soy candles
◾Cards that announce your donation to an environmental organization.

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