Call me a geek, but I can really get behind themes. Perhaps it comes from many years of working with paraprofessional college employees, who despised their jobs just a little bit less when they could pretend they were on an episode of Survivor, were carrying out important covert missions as Top Secret Agents, or were Pokemon about to go into battle (I found that those who were of the millennial generation appreciated that last one the most).

I’m not necessarily looking to vote people off the island for my special day, but I do think having a theme is a great way to inject our personalities into the standard wedding rubric. For someone like me that has a difficult time making decisions, applying a theme to your reception provides a foundation from which the logical choice may appear more obvious.

In my search for possible theme ideas, I’ve learned that nobody does theme weddings better than Las Vegas. Yes, you can still get Elvis to be your officiant should you desire this, but you could also march down the aisle to the Indiana Jones theme song complete with fedora and whip, or have Darth Vader stand as your Best Man while the Jedi crash your ceremony . Personally, I’m a  fan of this one:


Fiance and I have already agreed not to go the destination route, so we needed a theme that’s a little bit easier to plan and carry out without the garish resources of Vegas at our fingertips. The web offers a lot of cute ideas and suggestions, like this site that recommends various board game themes that work well for weddings with any budget.

The clear choice for our wedding theme would have been Beer; after all, we’re having our ceremony and reception at a microbrewery. Fiance enjoys beer. Case closed.

Unfortunately, Fiance’s sister used that theme three years ago, which would render the beer theme a “copycat.” Our venue prides itself in one other thing besides beer, and that would be its commitment to producing menu items created with locally grown and organic food. Fiance and I, being mild tree-huggers ourselves, decided to branch out from there. Yes, we’re going eco-friendly for this shindig.

The only thing that won’t be green is our wedding color palette. I look dreadful in green.

What do you think about wedding themes? Did you/will you have one for your wedding? How did you choose it? Share your ideas with brides here!