Wedding Rehearsal Dinners are wonderful intimate events. A Mexican Fiesta, A Hawaiin Luau, A Low Country Boil, A Clam Bake and a Spanish Tapas Party are five great rehearsal dinner themes that will add pizzazz to a special evening that will long be remembered.

Out of all the wedding festivities, it is often the wedding rehearsal dinner that brides, grooms and family members say was the most fun event of the weekend wedding festivities.

“I love wedding rehearsal dinners!” is a sentiment that resonates across a broad, eclectic range of ethnic, cultural and social economic spectrums.

While wedding receptions tend to be very large functions with perhaps several hundred invited guests, rehearsal dinners are smaller and more intimate with only the closest family and friends in attendance. Often times there are guests in attendance at a large wedding reception, that the bride and groom barely know. That seems rather odd! I suppose that is why wedding crashers can go unnoticed!

I’ve never heard of a rehearsal dinner crasher… have you? Rehearsal Dinners are far too intimate.

To create a great rehearsal dinner, think about your combined passions. Use the themes of other rehearsal dinners, soirees, movies or other passions to serve as a springboard to creating a theme that fits your unique situation for this once in a lifetime special night!

1. A Mexican Fiesta
One couple loved hot spicy food and bold vibrant colors. When it came time to think of a theme, the Southwestern Fiesta was a natural.

2. A Hawaiian Luau
Another couple wanted to have a Hawaiian Luau to build on the theme of the honeymoon they would be going on.

3. A Low Country Boil
One grooms family had a tradition of hosting Low Country Boils for special occasions and asked to honor the couple with this special tradition.

4. A Clam Bake
One couple threw an authentic clam bake for their family and friends on a sandy beach.

5. A Spanish Tapas Party
Another couple who had met while studying abroad in Spain requested a Spanish Tapas Party for the theme of their rehearsal dinner.

Whatever you decide to do for your rehearsal dinner, have fun with it! Take out a pad of paper and start jotting notes, sketches and inspirations. I suggested this technique to one couple. After giggles and a couple whispers they said they wanted butcher paper for tablecloths and magic markers on each table because they loved doodling “I love you” to each other at the restaurants and bistros that they have eaten at during their courtship that covered their tables in newsprint or butcher paper.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to selecting a theme for your rehearsal dinner.

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