Best man checklist

Much emphasis is placed on the Maid of Honor, but interestingly enough the selection and role of the Best Man is most critical for the groom. The Best Man is not only one of the facilitators of the day’s event as it relates to the groom, but he is best suited to deal with the contingencies of the day. Reception, and wedding transportation, obstacles, forgotten items, unexpected guests (such as angry ex-girlfriends) the Best Man should be a formidable character who is reliable and resourceful. Beginning with the bachelor party, till the moment the groom and his bride drive off to their honeymoon, the Best Man assists with the grooms every step and need. His mission falls into four main objectives:

◾To see that the groom makes it successfully to the alter
◾To assist in any or unforeseen reception problems
◾To ensure that the groom maintains enough to not make a fool of himself
◾To see to that the groom and bride successfully make it on their way to their honeymoon

The Best Man Checklist

Before the Wedding
◾Arrange for the bachelors dinner and, or party
◾Select a gift for the groom
◾Act as a liaison for the groom’s friends and family
◾Confirm honeymoon travel arrangements
◾Provide transportation for the groom to get to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception

Before Leaving to the Wedding Ceremony
◾Help the groom dress and finish packing
◾Insure that the car is packed for the honeymoon
◾Gas in the grooms car and or the honeymoon car
◾Wedding Ring
◾Travel Tickets, Passport, ID, etc
◾Reception Speech
◾Car Keys
◾Money/ Travelers Checks
◾Any gifts or acknowledgments
◾Checkbook or credit card for any needed payments

Before Walking Down the Aisle and After the Ceremony
◾Ensure that the groom
◾Uses the restroom
◾Shoes are tied
◾Pant’s fly is up
◾Face and hair are in order
◾If vows are written, that they are on him
◾Nothing is between his teeth
◾Fear and second thoughts are calmed and put to rest
◾Wedding ring is with the Best Man
◾Signs the Marriage license
◾Pays the clergy fee

During and After the Reception

If required, explain to your Best Man that you would like him to arrive early and that he may have to stay even after the bride and groom departs. You may request that he be asked to pay the vendors on your behalf and to help ensure that the reception facility or restaurant is left in good order. Whatever arrangements you make, be sure that you review them with your Best Man at least a couple of days before the wedding date.
◾Musicians or DJ setup
◾Speech to the groom and bride
◾Offer the first toast
◾Dance with the bride and her attendants
◾Read telegrams or special mail for the bride and groom

The Best Man’s Panic Kit for the Groom

Here are some helpful items that the Best Man should have with him. If you are super pragmatic, you may want to purchase these items in advance and give to them to your Best Man for all those unforeseen moments to come. Throw them in a zip up bag and have them handy.
◾Aspirin, Tylenol
◾Hair comb or brush
◾Black magic marker
◾Small towel or papertowels
◾Hair gel or hairspray
◾Extra toothbrush and toothpaste
◾Reception Speech (your Best Man should prepare this alone

In conclusion, the key is to find a Best Man who will help make your wedding day especially easy and trouble free. Select a friend who is resourceful, energetic, and diplomatic. A friend with those skills can find solutions to problems without offending or creating new ones.

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