Feeling Gratitude And Not Expressing It Is Like Wrapping A Present And Not Giving It

My brother is a Broadway pianist. Our friends, family, and sometimes even strangers ask him to play weddings all the time.  Most of them he does for free even though these folks are asking him to perform his livelihood for their function.  No one thinks to ask their caterer to cook food for free, but it seems that since my brother’s talent is less tangible, people often forget that he pays his mortgage by playing … Read more

Do Us A Favor, Don’t!

If you saw my refrigerator, you’d see an amazing potpourri of Save the Date magnets with the blissful faces of my friends and their fiance(e)s beaming with love.  Each magnet was designed, probably online, with a template maker that brought together the color and theme of the invitation I should be expecting for the upcoming nuptials. Red and white roses, green lace, yellow birds, or bridal ecru satin line the outside of each photo while the names, date, and … Read more

Wedding Guest No-Shows

I committed the penultimate social blunder of generally accepted wedding guest etiquette this past weekend. Yes, I was a no-show (which I believe still puts me one guilty step ahead of those who attended but wore white). In my defense, I simply wasn’t feeling good. Death isn’t usually a welcome guest at a wedding, and I believe I may have resembled his little sister on Saturday. The bride probably doesn’t even realize I was actually doing her a … Read more

What’s Mine is Mine… err, Yours

Purge before you merge.  Couples who have differing clutter tolerance-levels need to have frank conversations about what stays and what goes prior to bringing two households together. I prefer to run a household with zero point zero knickknacks whereas Fiance has trouble parting with most items, down to the free ballpoint pens he gets at the bank during routine ATM stops. One would think that we seem to strike a good balance here, except I am … Read more

Proposal (Warning: Not for the Romantically Averse)

Chances are, if you’re here, you’re already engaged. And, if you’re like me, you never will tire of re-telling the story about exactly how the “question” was “popped.” So I’ll do so again here. You’ll see my story has all elements of The Perfect Proposal. Personal? Check. Simple? Check. Ring? Check. I give romantic props to Fiance – a good thing, as after being together for six years with nary a ring in sight,  I … Read more