Screaming kids. Tropical storms. Romance at its finest.

My Cinderella-style honeymoon will be spent in the Caribbean with, well, Cinderella and the rest of the Disney cast during the middle of hurricane season next year, setting up my fairy-tale ending to be somewhat unconventional.

Our decision to take a Disney cruise for our honeymoon has raised a few eyebrows from friends and family alike, but Fiance and I couldn’t be more excited. Disney holds top honors for providing unparalleled experiences for tourists, and all of the Travel Channel specials we’ve watched on the DCL (Disney Cruise Line) have captivated us. If you’ve ever seen the show I’m referring to, you’ll note they spend a lot of time emphasizing the mouth-watering cuisine served on board, and I believe I’ve already established I’m an ardent lover of anything delicious.

We debated other options. The all-inclusiveness of Sandals, Beaches, Club Med, etc. was certainly appealing, but the non-imaginativeness eventually turned us off. Shortly after our engagement, there was also discussion of adventuring internationally to Egypt. However, given the current state of affairs there that did not exist back in 2008, we both agreed that trip would probably be a little too adventurous for us today.

So Disney emerged the victor in the war of honeymoon destinations, and we’ve certainly got high expectations. When reserving our spot on the Disney Fantasy for next fall, we were prompted to share that this would be our first Disney cruise and that we would be on our honeymoon, so I’m intrigued to find out how these tidbits of information about us will impact our experience.

With this selection, however, my vision of jet-setting off to the airport right from the reception, friends and family gathered around for goodbyes and additional rice-throwing, has been eliminated. We’ll have to impatiently wait out most of the summer before we actually get to take this vacation of a lifetime. The choice to travel in September was intentional though, as we’re hoping the “Back to School” timing of the voyage will reduce our exposure to the under -18 crowd.

Check another decision off the list. Now we just need to solidify flight plans and hopefully negotiate a nice first-class airfare upgrade.

Oh, and buy some travel insurance. Just in case the next Hurricane Irene decides to pay us a visit at the most inopportune time.

Which honeymoon destinations have made your short list?