Tips for the wedding video


Besides asking family and friends for referrals, you can also find a videographer at The Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WAVA), the world’s largest trade association for professional wedding & event videographers. Visit – see the  Brides Guide.

Some tips

  1. Speak to the actual videographer who will be videotaping your wedding ahead of time so you can go over the details of the day. This is especially important when dealing with larger studios who may use several different crews.
  2. Make sure your photographer knows that video is important to you, and allow enough time for both the videographer and photographer to get the shots they need.
  3. Get your parents, grandparents and bridal party on videotape sharing their favorite story or childhood memory of you.
  4. Ensure you get good audio – that is just as important as good video. For the best quality sound, make sure the groom wears a wireless microphone (which will also pick up the brides vows), as does the officiant, and that a microphone is placed nearby to capture the readings and the music.
  5. Let your entertainment know that video and photos are important to you, because both still and video shots will turn out better with nice, ambient lighting. If you want the lights turned off, do so after the videographer and photographer have left.
  6. Consider hiring a second videographer- it is well worth the extra expense! This way you can both the processional and the special moments between the father and bride captured on film, both of your faces as you say your vows as well as reaction shots at the reception. Two cameras make for a much more interesting video.
  7. Include your videographer in your reception meal-planning. He or she will have worked hard for you all day, and a nourished videographer will have more energy to capture all those priceless moments.
  8. Just remember, as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for – so budget accordingly. Your wedding video is a family heirloom that should only be entrusted to professional who is as committed to capturing your special day in a special way as you are. A professional videographer can start at $2,000 and up (depending on experience, options, and region).

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