Choosing your wedding reception music

The options available to you in choosing your wedding reception music are endless? How do you find out what’s right for you and your guests? It’s easy to assume that all bands and DJs are the same. Sadly, it’s not that easy. Standards vary widely. The lists in the phone book are endless, so how do you find what’s right for you?

In searching for the right service always contact several. Don’t just ask the price. It is up to you to specify clearly all your requirements, although a professional dj will know the right questions to ask.
◾Will they play music of your choice?
◾What guarantee will they give you that it will be the service in question that appears and not a last minute stand-in that because they have found a more lucrative booking?
◾What makes this service stand out from the rest?
◾How long will their breaks be as the evening progresses?
◾Will they be flexible in extending their coverage if the party continues into the small hours or will they “watch the clock?”

Always ask if a contract is involved. This, of course, will be a double edged sword in that if signed by both parties it is legally binding. On the other hand if disaster strikes you can take legal action to recover the cost of finding alternative entertainment. A contract plays a key role in bringing you that much needed peace of mind as you approach and enjoy your wedding day.

Perhaps the safest way to choose a service is to ask for recommendations from friends, work colleagues, etc. Ask what format the entertainment will take and consider any suggestions they may offer. Remember professionals attend this type of event regularly, so take advantage of their experience.

Ask about the type of music they will be playing and what influence you – the paying customer – has over the volume. It is always better to ask such questions before you book anyone since this can save you worrying on the big day.

If you have a “special song,” make sure your music service knows in advance – you only get one chance in your life to dance to that song at that time!

In general terms, you get better value by booking a DJ since your musical choice is more likely to be available. However it is difficult to beat a good band from the perspective of the energy generated. If your budget permits, booking both will keep everyone happy and keep the evening swinging along. Ask the band if they can recommend a DJ and vice versa.

Having spent almost twenty years in the entertainment industry I can assure you that I have worked alongside some of the very best – and unfortunately some of the worst! A great entertainment service can be a great help in ensuring everyone enjoys themselves at your reception.

You will find that prices vary by widely depending on your requirements, but it is usually wise to book a professional band or DJ and pay accordingly rather than to take pot luck and end up with “Daves Double Decks DJ” or the “Hell & Back Band.”

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