Getting married in a flower shop

Though there are many important elements to a beautiful wedding, the key ingredients that make the essence of the day are the bride and groom, the location of the wedding and reception and the flowers. If flowers are dear to the bride in the beauty that they give and the feeling they impart, then consider getting married in a flower shop. Profusion of gorgeous flowers and blooms can surround you and your groom creating a romantic, colorful and wonderfully aromatic setting.

Flowershops can offer several options in working with them as a wedding site. One is to book the shop as is with the florists inventory of flowers in buckets and cases. Second is to request for specific flowers to create an overall color theme or opt for specific display settings. For example: blooming potted plants can be hung to create arches of color for the bride and groom and their guest to stand under.

If you are planning a large wedding, then we suggest to find a florist that has a greenhouse or a lawn that accommodate your group. The ceremony for example could occur in the greenhouse and the reception in the lawn area. Since most florist shops are compact, having a more intimate, smaller wedding of 50 or less guest would be more compatible with the site. Additionally, other aspects of the wedding simple. Keeping the menu simple, the music classical, and the itinerary uncomplicated can lend to a smooth, carefree event. Below are some suggestions for making a charming day.




Hors d’oeurves
Mini Pastries
Chocolate-dipped strawberries
Espresso Bar Harpist or
Classical guitarist
Flute, guitar, voilin combo (or any combination thereof) Tiny terra-cotta pots with violets

A few reminders….When setting a date with the florist, avoid planning a wedding around the major floral holiday such as Valentines, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. Planning a wedding in the early evening or late evening won’t interfere with business and can be extraordinarily romantic. Sunday mornings are also an excellent day as often floral businesses are either closed on that day or open later in the day.

Surrounded by hundreds of flowers is a beautiful way to commence your life togather. It represents natural beauty, life and love. You’ll both be smelling like roses.

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