Shopping for your wedding cake

When To Get Your Dream Cake

Be sure to put down a deposit to reserve the date well in advance. At Patty-Cakes, we do book up quickly and if you wait too long, you could be disappointed. If time allows, call 6 months to 1 year in advance, it is never too early to check your date.

Making an Appointment

Call to make an appointment to meet with me. If you just stop by unexpected, you may be disappointed. I do the final consultation with each bride so that I can get a feel for exactly what you want. I do not want second-hand information. I know what questions to ask, and try to sketch your cake so no details are left out.


You have probably tasted our cakes at other weddings, birthdays etc. but if you would like a sample cake, we will provide you with one. The first cake is free of charge, and any additional cakes are 3.00 each. Please call 1 week ahead to order samples.


If you have a budget, please let me know in advance. I will try to show you things that will fit into your budget. Buttercream cakes with icing flowers and designs will be less expensive than Fondant cakes with gumpaste (sugar) flowers. The more time spent and more complicated the design is, the more you should expect to pay for the cake.

Colors on the Cake

If you are having color or your cake, be sure to bring along a swatch of fabric, or piece of ribbon for us to match. There are hundreds of shades of the same color, and if you want a close match, we need something to compare.

Picking the Design

If you have a picture from a magazine, cake book, newspaper, or advertisement, bring it with you to your consultation.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can be put on cakes, but remember, fresh flowers can be treated with pestisides. Talk to your and choose wisely.

Sugar Flowers

If you would like sugar (gumpaste) flowers on your cake, you can choose them from the large selection that we have on display in the shop. Be prepared to pay extra for these flowers as they take special skill and extra time to make.

Number of Servings

We can guide you as to the number of servings you will need, but the ultimate decision will be up to you. Most brides order enough servings for invited guests minus 20%.

Cutting the Cake

Be sure to ask your caterer if they will cut your cake, and if there is an extra charge. We do not offer this service. Make sure you have a serving knife. If you are asking a friend or family member, remember that this is a messy job and maybe you are not honoring them by asking them to work at your wedding. Also, will they know the proper way to cut the cake so you get the right amount of servings?

Cake Table Placement

Take the background into consideration when placing your cake table. Remember, anything on the wall behind your cake will be in all your pictures.


You will be called the week before your wedding with the time that your cake will be delivered. You should call your contact at the reception location and inform them of this time so they can make sure that the doors will be unlocked, and the cake table is ready for placement of the cake. You should have made arrangements to have the tablecloth and skirting finished before this time.

If Something Unexpected Happens

99.9% of the time everything goes as planned. If it doesn’t, usually we can make adjustments, corrections, phone calls etc. and fix any problem. A lot of people are working to make this day wonderful for you. Because of this, something could go wrong. DO NOT LET IT RUIN YOU DAY!! If it is not life-threatening, it will only serve as a funny memory to tell your children. (It may not be funny at the moment, but rest assured, it will be funny someday).

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