Unique wedding favors

For the wedding party that wants to send their guest off with a wedding favor that reflects their unique taste and appreciation here are some unique alternatives to the traditional faire found on the reception tables.

◾Small terra-cotta pots filled with baby geraniums, miniature roses, violets or paisleys.
◾Small terra-cotta pots filled with candies or chocolates inside a colorful netting tied with a raffia.
◾Small baskets or glass dishes filled with dried and fresh fruits and, or, nuts.
◾Kodak throw away cameras.
◾Custom imprinted mugs, wines glasses, beer steins, shot glasses. (ASI source)
◾Keys holders with the motif you may have incorporated into the table.
◾Custom embossed or shaped chocolates. (ASI source)
◾Coasters with a theme pertaining to the bride or groom (ASI source).
◾Small burlap bags imprinted with the wedding memorabilia information, filled with your favorite coffee.
◾Package of unique stationary.
◾Swiss army pocket knives with the wedding date imprinted on it. (ASI source)
◾Baseball cap with a “He said…” and, or, a “She said…”

Wedding Sources for the Innovative, Adventurous and Curious. Resources for the Ideas Above.
◾Home Depot or any hardware store has a myriad of unique items that can be quite inspiring.
◾Michael’s or any arts and crafts store will provides you with great decorating resources you can reuse.
◾New York Fabrics or any wholesale/outlet type fabric store will give the inspiration to decorate colorfully.
◾Target, K-Mart, Toys R Us, Crate and Barrel, Papyrus Papers, Hallmark stores are great resources for miniatures, figurines, decorative papers, wrapping papers, candles, toys etc…

ASI Sources: ASI stands for Advertising Specialty Industry which is an industry of independent sales representatives of factories around the country that specialize in imprinting, molding, embossing, and decorating all on kinds of mediums such as mugs, tee-shirts, etc….ASI sales reps are all around the country and often all have the same competitive prices and sources.

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