Wedding decorations on a budget

Wedding decorations ideas – with money left over

Here are three ways to save money by looking for your wedding decorations on a budget. First, know your wedding colors will and constrain your research to those colors. Second, if a venue is less than spectacular, consider using tulle to hide the major problem areas. Third, use wedding candles wherever you can, such as wedding centerpiece candles. Everything looks better and more expensive in low light!

Wedding color schemes

When you pick out the colors for your wedding it allows you to express how you feel about this special day and the colors pull your vision together. Whether you make a lot of your decorations or find them in craft stores, thrift shops or the many DIY sites on the internet, staying with only your colors saves you time by eliminating distractions of your vision. There are many decisions to make with wedding decor on a budget, but in the end using only your chosen colors sets the tone and feel for your wedding.

Sprucing up a dull wedding reception venue – with tulle

Some wedding reception venues are less then stunning and, indeed, can be boring to the eye. Using fabric to make a room look rich and inviting for a party can completely change the feel of the room. Tulle is inexpensive and can be used on tables, hanging from ceiling to wall and around door entrances to really make a statement. Using this fabric with some balloons can enhance any wedding reception decorations, on a budget.

Wedding centerpiece candles

Candles can give a wedding reception a warm glow that would be hard to get any other way. Use tea candles floating in water at tables to set a mood. There are many sizes of candles that you can use at the head table and at locations around your reception that will make lovely lighting for romantic images of the Bride and Groom. Candles can make your decorations look more expensive then they are.

Before you spend some of your budget on the decorations check with the reception venue to make sure you know what they will allow at your celebration. By sticking with your colors, using some inexpensive fabric and an assortment of candles you can transform a simple reception venue into the party you’ve always dreamed you would have. You can have great wedding decorations, on a budget you can live with.

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